Headshot Photo Of Paul M. Cobb

Paul M. Cobb

Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor of Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures

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Photo of Huda Fakhreddine Standing In Front Of A Bookshelf

Huda Fakhreddine

Associate Professor of Arabic Literature

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Photo Of Talya Fishman Standing In Front Of Greenery

Talya Fishman

Associate Professor of Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Intellectual and Cultural History

(215) 898-5837

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Headshot Photo Of Nili Gold

Nili Gold

Professor of Modern Hebrew Language & Literature

(215) 573-5312

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Photo Of Simcha Gross

Simcha Gross

Assistant Professor of Ancient Rabbinics

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Photo Of Emily Hammer With Sitting In Front Of A Map

Emily Hammer

Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities, Archeology and Anthropology of the Ancient World

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Timothy Hogue

Timothy Hogue

Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israelite History and Culture

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Photo Of Joseph E. Lowry With Chin Resting On His Hand

Joseph E. Lowry

Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies

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Headshot Of Fatemeh Shams

Fatemeh Shams

Associate Professor of Persian Literature

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Photo Of Heather J. Sharkey Standing On College Green

Heather J. Sharkey

Professor of Modern Middle Eastern and North African History

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