Language Placement and Credit


Please direct all questions regarding language to Language Coordinators. Inquiries to the Undergraduate Chair or Concentration Advisor will not be answered or acknowledged.


Students beginning language instruction should register for the elementary level of the language they wish to study. Languages cannot be started in the spring as spring courses are a continuation of what was taught in the fall. If you are continuing a language started elsewhere, either in middle school, high school, or at another college or university, you must take the placement exam for that language. This ensures that you do not take a class that is too difficult for you or covers what you have already learned. Without proper placement, you will not be permitted to remain in the course for credit.

The Language Certificate

Students wishing to pursue advanced language study but who cannot or do not want to fulfill the requirements of a major or minor may apply for the Language Certificate. The minimum requirement for the certificate is three courses BEYOND proficiency (or the equivalent total of seven courses) in the same language. Courses taught in literature and culture in the original language are accepted. Approved Study Abroad courses may also be accepted. Only courses for which a grade of B+ or above is given will count toward the certificate.

Completion of the certificate will be noted on the student's transcript and at graduation. Students can complete a form for the Language Certificate via Path@Penn or by accessing the Path Forms website.


Please contact the appropriate language director for questions regarding language placement, credit, course recommendations, or general information about the particular language.